Ryan Reynolds is My Hero

Ryan Reynolds is my hero!

But first, I must come clean.

Before U.S. Father’s Day on June 21st, 2015 (It’s in September in Australia, for the record), I didn’t know Hollywood superhero actor Ryan Reynolds from Adam’s house cat. To be honest, if forced to muster a guess, I would’ve simply assumed he was the wealthy heir to the cigarette magnet R.J. Reynolds.

But that all changed soon after a I stumbled across a self-posted Instagram photo of the guy in a Yahoo news feed.

Now, he’s a hero, of sorts, to me. And probably should be for every other new parent as well.

As the photo below illustrates, the actor of Warner Bros. ‘Green Lantern’ acclaim made  the mistake of improperly utilizing his chest carrier to carry his 5 month old daughter. And as is the case when Hollywood Beefcakes use social media, the image went viral leaving ‘experts’ everywhere to weigh in on the matter.

The “controversy” on the twitter sphere and the internet, in general, erupted in a manner not seen since Michael Jackson dangled his infant son from a high rise balcony and Aussie icon Steve Irwin deemed it wise to perform a croc feeding at his Australia ZoRyan Reynolds Imageo while simultaneously holding his toddler in his arms.

A couple weeks later, on July 8th, Reynolds finally responded to his critics. “That is not the first mistake I’ve made. And I can guarantee you, it won’t be the last.”

It was a response that should guarantee him role model status for all new parents and, at the same time, made me glad I decided to Google the guy in the first place.

Two short sentences for a total of eighteen words that are as notable for what is not said as what is.

Because amidst today’s constant bombardment of PC public relations media spin, Reynolds did the unthinkable. There was no passing of the buck. No claims of the photo being misconstrued or ‘taken out of context’ or confusion due to vague or poorly written product instructions. No retracted photo. No apology to any offended newborns everywhere.

He simply admitted his human fallibility and, even more ground shaking, acknowledged he was likely to be a repeat offender.

As a parent who still well remembers the ridiculousness of our first attempt at a family walk to the beach with Kaia in her safety feature riddled stroller–minus the carrying capsule she should’ve been placed in first, which caused her to roll around her seat like a peanut in a hubcap—this makes me smile.

Leave it to the Green Lantern to have the courage to light the way and set the record straight…

To not shy away from and tell the truth that, despite all the child rearing experts, books, DVDs, and internet searches at our disposal, only time and experience will ever truly prepare us for this strange and ever evolving process called parenthood.

We grow up thinking our parents know everything before young adulthood suggests otherwise. But in the end, a child of my own solidifies what I suspected long ago. This being, the fact my parents made a tough job look easy.

Despite the many mistakes they may have made along the way.


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