The Piggyback Rider Child Backpack Carrier

The Piggyback Rider–Putting the Pram in its Place

Like I’ve mentioned before, we started this trip off a bit heavy. That said, it could’ve been a lot worse as, at least we were wise enough to not even consider toting along a pram/stroller.

Because the fact is, as something we learned long before Kaia popped onto the scene: MUCH OF THE WORLD IS NOT A VERY PRAM FRIENDLY PLACE.

The extent to which many people don’t realize this would be emphatically driven home during a day on the job while still in the yachting industry. Via comments made by guests when returning to their yacht after a ridiculously short and subsequently disappointing visit to the ruins of Pompeii, Italy.
Day hiking in Barriloche, Argentina

What did they think of place?  A place that was essentially an open aired museum and a portal to travel back to a city frozen in time after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD?

“Just a bunch of rocks,” replied the boss’ 20 year old son before his father’s young girlfriend added dismissively, “And it’s not very stroller friendly.”

It’d be the top two lines from a truly bizarre summer season working in the Med, to be sure. And one that would stick

with us for a multitude of reasons over the years. So when came time to consider a child carrier for Kaia, it goes it without saying we knew we’d need a viable alternative.

And luckily, one exists. It’s called The Piggyback Rider and for the past four months we’ve been putting it through its paces in the big, bad, pram unfriendly world of South America.

14 Reasons The Piggyback Rider Works for Us

  1. Kaia enjoys it—A big, big plus in any parent’s book. Probably one of the biggest.
    Hugs all around
  2. It’s light—Comes in at a whole 1kg/2.2 lbs, which leaves plenty of leeway for everything else you’ll probably be tempted to pack.
  3. It’s compact—Easily rolls up and stows away in a side pocket in one of our checked pieces of luggage.
  4. It’s safe—Child harness backpack clips to the adult’s harness quick and easy letting you and your child relax while taking in the sights.
  5. It’s durable—Built using military grade buckles and webbing and comes with a five year warranty.
  6. Offers a good workout—Designed to carry up to 50lbs/22.6 kgs on your back…comfortably.
  7. Ease of Mobility/Accessibility –Opens up a world of site seeing opportunities beyond the end of the paved sidewalks or start of the cobblestoned roads. Sights that otherwise you probably would’ve had to miss.
  8. It’s a conversation piece—A big reason we travel is to meet new people. This pack garners a lot of attention and subsequent comments. It’s an ice breaker to be sure.
  9. No Need to Carry Water Bottles—Both main carrier and child’s harness backpack are fitted with hydration packs (1.5L-adult, 1.0L child) making packing water bottles unnecessary.
  10. It’s affordable—So much cheaper than buying a collapsible pram. Here, travelling on a budget through South America, that goes a LONG way.
    Foz do Iguacu , Brazil
  11. The affection/bonding factor—In addition to the running commentary from the peanut gallery in your ear, easy access to big hugs is a treat no other carrier can offer.
  12. A bird’s eye view—Positioning allows Kaia a prime viewing platform for which to take in the scenes around her be it trail side scenery, hilltop vistas, or watching street performers along crowded streets.
  13. Promotes independence—Kaia loves her little backpack and, even when not clipped in and on my back, likes to wear it and utilize the hydration pocket and the cinch down bungy cord to carry small toys and dolls.
  14. Sets a precedent—Parenting is all about leading by example and we definitely appreciate the ‘Have-Pack-Will-Travel’ message the Piggyback Rider reinforces to our daughter each time we head out the door.



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