Making it Real

Ultrasound 001

The saying goes, “A photo is worth a thousand words” and I suppose debate could rage for eternity (or a 5 day Cricket test match–whichever comes first) as to what those exact words might entail.Two that came immediately to mind after seeing this photo just over two and a half years ago…and I quote: “HOLY SHIT”.

It is the photo that first confirmed and made everything real for myself and my wife, Bec. It is the photo which allowed us to see our child, Kaia, for the first time. It is the photo that signaled the beginning and the end of so much.

From the realm of hardly believable she suddenly emerged, a splotchy concentration of white cumulus mass set against a backdrop of inky black nothingness. An almost ghostly apparition set within the confines of glossy 4×6, the photo put to rest any last vestiges of incredulous doubt we may have had regarding Bec’s slightly bulging stomach.

It is the photo that drove a point home with absolute clarity…Life was never going to be the same again.

But what exactly did that imply? The answers, as you’ll see, are still in the process of revealing themselves.


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