The stress of setting out on any big adventure can be daunting but, if past experience has taught me anything, it’s the fact that time underway is your friend. The best medicine for vanquishing any lingering seeds of doubt and, better
Family: The time and the people who are REALLY worth the extra effort Growing up far from family wasn’t always easy. This much, I remember well. Long before Skype, FaceTime and Instant Messaging, there was the U.S. Postal Service and
Beachfront Fiji
Two weeks of Fiji’s Bula Spirit had left its impression on me back in 1999. Now, with a child in tow, it stood to reason the Bua party of 3 was bound for a memorable week long, first Christmas, family
Over the years, I’d done a fair share of packing. I’d taken over my parents’ living room sorting through five months of food to portion out for twenty plus, well planned out mail drops along the Appalachian Trail. Seven years