Every year we gather. It’s a reunion, of sorts.  At least it is for the Hardie family members from up and down the southern Queensland Coast. A family who, for reasons that plague all busy families, can often find it
“What was our primary reason for making the decision to leave Australia for a year,” is a question we’ve received a fair few times over the past eight months now. And while our answer generally revolves around taking advantage of
At almost 95 years old, what does one conjure up as a birthday wish? This, I remember thinking three years ago today, as I watched Gunter blow out his birthday cake candles on what was his 94th birthday. I couldn’t
Kaia looked at me with sad and slightly confused eyes and as she did, I couldn’t help but remember back to childhood Saturday mornings. Mornings spent in my pajamas watching cartoons. Mornings full of carefree hours that seemed to make
Top 5 Reasons He Should Be Your Child’s Role ModelIn today’s media driven society, role models are offered up to children at a fast and furious pace. A pace that, combined with a meteoric rise of single parent households, makes
Smiles from Gunther
“How much longer to go now?” Gunther would ask at least once each and every visit, forever anxious to know when the baby was due. It was Gunther’s Million Dollar Question and I marveled at his unbridled pleasure at receiving
Rodney's Graduation Day
Photo Gallery SlideshowThere are no images in this gallery.   Gunter’s saving grace would come in the form of Irene Flack who he was soon forced to hire to care for Rodney. It would prove an ideal partnership in that
For one year Gunter would work on a farm in northern New South Wales struggling to learn English and adjusting to the loneliness of working on what his boss had told him was a ‘small’ 5,000 acre farm.
Gunter Kaufmann
The Kaufmann family exodus had begun in the vicinity of 1936 with each of Gunter’s sisters emigrating with husbands; the eldest, Gerda, to Australia and his younger sister, Ellen, to Brazil. In early 1939, Gunter’s parents would board a ship