Slow times on the home front. Five months biding our time on a holding pattern. A pattern of doing a little of this, a little of that—all in the name of getting by before pulling up stumps and boarding another
Every year we gather. It’s a reunion, of sorts.  At least it is for the Hardie family members from up and down the southern Queensland Coast. A family who, for reasons that plague all busy families, can often find it
Settling Back In…The Hard Way We’ve been back almost 6 weeks but the truth is the readjustment to life after the journey started at least a good month before we boarded our plane to Oz. A readjustment insofar as, while
Longing for Pooville What seems like eons ago, mere weeks after announcing our pending parenthood, the emails started. Tongue in cheek, congratulatory emails otherwise known as “Now-you’ve-done-it-and-here’s-what you-can-look-forward-to emails”. They were emails demonstrating in oh so graphic detail all the
Heading Home the Long, Hard Way While we didn’t know all the facts and figures at the time, one year of travel involving a little over 40 substantial bus rides had educated us to the fact that the distance between
Day Hikes and Alleged Waterfalls in Minca, Colombia It didn’t seem possible but after nearly five full months of quality beach time, it appeared we were in need of a reprieve. As in, a break from the beach. Technically, I