Jimmy's CollageAA2From as early as aged 10, I always told myself children wouldn't be part of the plan. Looking back, it seems a strange concern for a ten year old but, regardless, thirty two years later I'd done a pretty good job of adhering to this unique, childish aspiration. Let’s just say I thought the coast was clear.

It had been an amazingly good run, too.

While 99% of my friends had taken more traditional corporate paths, I’d roamed the globe virtually unimpeded for 20 years. As many of them succumbed to rug rats and what I considered the debilitating responsibilities they come with, I was busy with ‘other things’.

Other things involving working various seasonal jobs and hiking, bicycling and backpacking trips. Trips across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Mexico and Central America. And more. Lots more.

For nearly eight years I even got paid rather well to travel compliments of the yachting industry where I'd eventually meet my Australian wife.

The traveling, including a relationship testing, four month jaunt on the Pacific Crest Trail, continued before life threw us a curve ball and saw us move to Australia with less than 16 hours preparation. Days became weeks and the weeks months before, four years later, we’d get the phone call that changed everything...and that's when the adventure of a completely different sort began.

Journeys with Kaia attempts to chronicle those adventures.

They are adventures not necessarily measured in frequent flier points or filled passport pages but, rather, in memories, smiles and daily tugs of the heart. They're journeys that suggest what initially seemed like life's attempt at the 'Big Downshift' was really just a shift of another sort. This one, I’ve been amazed to discover, into an overdrive, of sorts.

A gear that, even my 40 year old self (let alone 10) never EVER could've imagined existed.

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