A Child’s Memory Making Facilities

Can a child ever REALLY be too young?

Before setting out, the general line of thought from many was that Kaia’s memory making facilities, at a little less than three years of age at the start of our South American trip, was destined NOT to remember much of her time here.

Now, coming up on two weeks away, and having just arrived to our first WWOOF farm stay four days ago, I can only wonder, can we really be so sure?

For months leading up to leaving, there was so much concern as to how Kaia would fair without access to her relatively steady diet of ABC Kids TV programming. So much so, we felt it a priority to load up a cheap Chinese tablet full of games and cartoons for our daughter’s viewing pleasure. Just in case.

Less than four days here, a thirty minute bus ride south, southwest of Puerto Montt, Chile and I think it safe to say we underestimated Kaia’s ability to adapt and, for that matter, probably children in general.

Such would be my thoughts this morning as Kaia, in the midst of ‘helping’ doing the morning dishes at the rather ‘rustic’ cabin we now call home, called me over to the kitchen sink.

http://journeyswithkaia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/IMG_2545.jpg“Look Daddy, it’s a yamma,” she pointed out excitedly, knowing full well I’d missed out on the sighting the afternoon before. Her face was flush with excitement. The sort of excitement I immediately realized the Wiggles, Ella the Elephant, Tinkerbell or even the reincarnation of Mr. Walt Disney himself would fail to instil in her up to that point.

I looked out the window and, lo and behold, there amidst the cold, dreary drizzle of a southern fall Chilean morning, was a wet, grazing llama.

I could wax poetic about the spell binding wonders of the mind of a child but I’ll just let it suffice to say, I don’t think our tablet is long for this world. We still have too much crap and, well, from everything I’ve heard, such a tablet can fetch a pretty penny next door in Argentina.

And frankly, I just don’t think we’ll be needing it.

Of the many reasons we came here was to introduce our child to the new and the different and, then, when you least expect it, you find yourself being on the receiving end of such a process. All in the midst of a simple but tasty breakfast in a spartanly furnished cabin situated seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

As for whether she’ll remember the ‘Yamma’ today or the many to possibly follow tomorrow, I’ll take the less sceptical view and simply take a wait and see approach. But I have my suspicions.

The fact is, as new parents we do things—first birthday parties, for example–as much for ourselves as we do for our child. To the best of my knowledge no one’s ever asked a one year old what theme their one year old party should take or, for that matter, what they remember of it four or five years later.

But we do it anyway. Partly because we want to celebrate the occasion with the people closest to us. But more so out of pure unadulterated LOVE.

Love that, like a flower that will never ask to be watered and, likewise, will never say thank you for your effort at having done so, reciprocates in the only way it knows how.

By growing, nonetheless…in all its magical spleandor.





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