Initially, a three day journey into the Salar de Uyuni (Saltflats of Uyuni) didn’t find itself on our radar. It seems preposterous now but, the fact was, numerous days rambling through a white expanse of nothingness just didn’t compute. It
The amount of ink Lonely Planet’s South America guidebook dedicates to Camiri, Bolivia can be best described in two words. These being, ‘virtually zilch’. The valley town of approximate 65,000 inhabitants is little more than a dot on the guidebook’s
Hint: There is No easy way The decision to bus across the Chaco from Asuncion into Bolivia was not a decision we took lightly. For a good six weeks or more, before bidding Paraguari farewell, we’d done our homework. From
On the road there are good days and bad days. Other times, when you are lucky, there are really good days. And then sometimes, when you least expect them, there are days that you are destined to never forget. This