One week to go and the final week and the final countdown is staring us straight in the face. For quite a few weeks we’ve envisioned this momentous junction. Longed for it, would be a more apt description, actually. Now,
Lessons from Ruby Pearl I’ll be honest. This post isn’t what I had first intended. I had some ideas about what might be worth five or ten minutes of your time. I hemmed and hawed before I eventually came up
Teaching the Finer Points of Safety…in an Unsafe World The Why Game. We’ve been playing it for a while now. It was all quite comical to begin with but, to be honest, the novelty wore off almost as quickly as
Four weeks to go here in Paraguari and, as we expected might be the case before arriving, the home stretch could be a long one. So much so, I’m tempted to say, we’re stuck in a Bill Murray-like, ‘Groundhog Day’
Sopa Paraguay–Your Breakfast has a New Amigo Food. It’s one of life’s many pleasures, and never more so when on the road. At least, for us. So much so that, after pestilence and career politicians, the sight of tourists hunting