It was, for us, a late night in Paraguari and, as the clock struck 7:30, Kaia was gallivanting around her school grounds with familiar classmates, while we looked on in a disoriented stupor. A jumping castle’s blower wailed, music blared
“Should I take a year off to travel with my family?” would be the question that, for obvious reasons, caught my attention on a popular Q&A website a couple days ago. To be honest, the poor bugger sounded like he
The view from atop Paraguari’s Cerro Negro was as beautiful as I’d imagined it would be from the first time I’d seen it. Far below was our secluded residence and, to the right, the town and its many landmarks, tiny
5 Things to Remember Before Setting out for a Year Abroad with a Toddler Packing for a year or more on the road can be difficult. When this means also packing for a toddler, the difficulty increases exponentially. Looking back
It’ll be a quick one as nothing too earth shattering has transpired here in the bustling metropolis of Paraguari. Just a slow and steady passing of the time between school and an ever increasing familiarity with the neighbours. Considering all