The moment Kaia began dragging herself around the house signaled the start of a two part process: child proofing the house and, even more importantly, finding a happy medium in learning to let your child fail. The first was relatively
The answer to the Million Dollar Question of how long before the novelty of life working at a mine camp wore off? Exactly three weeks. Long enough for that first seemingly quick two week swing and subsequent week off to
I’d been warned about ‘changes of the heart’–the countless little things that change in you–that occur after a child enters the picture. Words involving captivation and vulnerability of the heart. And all, it seemed, to obscure and inconceivable sounding degrees.
It’s Father’s Day today here in Australia and, as such, I feel obliged to come clean. To admit that the more I traveled, the more excuses I often found myself making for not wanting children. But, the truth is, when
Long before Kaia was born, a common refrain we heard from many friends who’d bravely endured the path we were about to undertake was, “Catch up on your sleep now, you’ll need it.” I’d generally respond with a polite, ‘Oh