Over the years, I’d done a fair share of packing. I’d taken over my parents’ living room sorting through five months of food to portion out for twenty plus, well planned out mail drops along the Appalachian Trail. Seven years
As touched on in “Salmon Summer”, I didn’t really know what to expect from my first season venturing out to Pilot Point, Alaska as a commercial salmon fisherman with the Bursch family. Just arriving into Anchorage beneath a clouded midnight
For one year Gunter would work on a farm in northern New South Wales struggling to learn English and adjusting to the loneliness of working on what his boss had told him was a ‘small’ 5,000 acre farm.
Gunter Kaufmann
The Kaufmann family exodus had begun in the vicinity of 1936 with each of Gunter’s sisters emigrating with husbands; the eldest, Gerda, to Australia and his younger sister, Ellen, to Brazil. In early 1939, Gunter’s parents would board a ship
As if a switch had been flipped, a sixteen year old Gunter would suddenly be forced to struggle with the cruel ostracism he’d receive at the hands of teachers and classmates, many who’d he’d considered long-time friends. The harassment would