From Nomad to Bald Dad in the proverbial 'Blink of an Eye', Journeys With Kaia is a testimonial to the fact life comes at you fast. Often when you least expect it, ESPECIALLY for two new, 40 something year old parents.

Growing up, the term 'mid-life crisis' had always conjured up images of gold chains and convertible sports cars. At least, in my impressionable imagination. How was I ever to guess my own would involve midnight feeds and sourcing biodegradable nappies?

Needless to say, it was all a big change. A change that opened our eyes to a sedentary lifestyle and, more importantly, to the realisation it really wasn’t necessary to wander the globe in order to get lost, or gain a sense of insight and perspective. 

But then, I guess, old habits do die hard and there just wasn’t any escaping the fact insight and perspective from the road isn't such a bad thing, either.  So with time before our daughter is scheduled to start school at our disposal, a year or more in South America as a family seemed as good an idea as any.

And we're happy to report, it still is; with each new day together on the road providing one more reminder that making memories that matter is what it's all about.

Memories that add to an ever increasing middle aged awareness that the distances we travel in life aren't always measured in miles or kilometers.


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  • A Journey into the Salar de Uyuni

    A Journey into the Salar de Uyuni

    Initially, a three day journey into the Salar de Uyuni (Saltflats of Uyuni) didn’t find itself on our radar. It seems preposterous now but, the fact was, numerous days rambling through a white expanse of nothingness just didn’t compute. ItRead More »
  • The Mi Casa Alojamiento of Camiri, Bolivia

    The Mi Casa Alojamiento of Camiri, Bolivia

    The amount of ink Lonely Planet’s South America guidebook dedicates to Camiri, Bolivia can be best described in two words. These being, ‘virtually zilch’. The valley town of approximate 65,000 inhabitants is little more than a dot on the guidebook’sRead More »
  • Across the Chaco the Hard Way

    Across the Chaco the Hard Way

    Hint: There is No easy way The decision to bus across the Chaco from Asuncion into Bolivia was not a decision we took lightly. For a good six weeks or more, before bidding Paraguari farewell, we’d done our homework. FromRead More »
  • A Big Heart Says Bye

    A Big Heart Says Bye

    On the road there are good days and bad days. Other times, when you are lucky, there are really good days. And then sometimes, when you least expect them, there are days that you are destined to never forget. ThisRead More »
  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown

    One week to go and the final week and the final countdown is staring us straight in the face. For quite a few weeks we’ve envisioned this momentous junction. Longed for it, would be a more apt description, actually. Now,Read More »

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